How to pay?

  • Bank transfer:

    Once you have confirmed your order by Email, you will receive an Email with your valuation as a PDF attachment and instructions for payment. You must indicate in the concept of the transfer, the number of the budget you are paying, followed by your name and surname. (the number of digits in the field is very small and should not reflect too generic words such as "corresponds", "budget", "parts", etc.).
    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you correctly identify the payment, as we will ONLY be able to recognise it through the number and name that you indicate on it.

    Orders will be processed once the payment is reflected in our account. Please note that payments made by bank transfer may take one or two days to be reflected in our account.

    Such payment shall be understood as acceptance of the General terms and conditions that apply on the company's web pages and which the customer declares to have read.
    The customer shall be liable for the loss of 20% of the amount paid for an order in the event of cancellation of the order, as well as the payment of any shipping costs resulting from the cancellation.

  • Bank details:

    IBAN y Código SWIFT/BIC will be indicated to you in the Email reply to your order.